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Strategic Partners

National Research Council of Canada (NRC)

Parisien Research Corporation (PRC), with support from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), is committed to providing unique knowledge that strengthens Canada's National Security. By operating as a strategic team, we provide a unique combination of skill sets enabling us to integrate scientific, intelligence, and public safety methodologies to improve Canada's response to potential terrorist attacks.

Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting

2339 Ogilvie Rd., PO Box 46107
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada K1J 9M7

Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting can provide you with the necessary advice and training to protect you and your agency from the threat of terrorism.

James Bremner Associates Inc.

6A - 170 The Donway West, #1915
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3C 2E8

Provides training expertise to law enforcement, military, security, and private companies in a variety of fields including personal protection, and tactical policing. James Bremner Associates Inc. partners with PRC to provide a variety of services including:

ImStrat Corporation

Suite 100, 20 Bennett Street
Carleton Place, Ontario
Canada K7C4J9

ImStrat Corporation is a privately owned Geospatial Intelligence Analysis innovation solutions and training provider. These services are provided by some of the most highly trained Geospatial Intelligence Analysts in the world today. ImStrat's innovative solutions and training support programs expand the range of PRC's programs and enhance fidelity with current actionable Geospatial Intelligence.

ewsim corporation

Box 8375
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1G3H8

ewsim corporation is formerly a division of Parisien Research Corporation. ewsim partners with internationally renowned experts in multiple domains including EW, COMINT, ELINT, ASW, UAV, UVS and more. We provide specialized knowledge and technology to governments providing leading edge systems with very carefully designed architecture that minimizes future obsolescence, and allows for optimum reuse of system components in the future, making expansion affordable and preserving the customers initial investment.

JJ Communications, Inc.

228 rue du Merlot
Gatineau, QC J8R 3S4

JJ Communications is a bilingual behavioural based training and development company dedicated to empowering human performance by educating people in the field of Human Behaviour.

Jean (JJ) Brun is both a Basic Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Human Behaviour Consultant Specialist. His remarkable skills in the field of human intelligence (HUMINT) have made him a world-class expert recognized by numerous peers. JJ is a full partner in PRC and has developed specialized programs for the Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Security, and Defence communities.

Provectus Robotics Solutions Inc.

13 Bracewood Way
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K2J 4Y3

Founded in 2010, Provectus Robotics Solutions (PRS) is an engineering services company located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. PRS applies its expertise in robotic system design, integration, and control to provide advanced solutions for unmanned robotics applications. Leading-edge technology has been developed for perimeter security, CBRN detection, LVIED disruption, crowd monitoring/crowd control, and remote sensing applications. The main areas of focus are software/hardware design and development, system integration, field testing, project management and sales engineering.

Polar Star Enterprises

1822 Thistleleaf Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1C 5W3

Polar Star Enterprises is your one-stop solution centre for your training and learning needs. We provide a full range of options for your organization's training program. From helping you evaluate your needs to developing your training programs to delivering and evaluating the results, we have the expertise you need.

Our facilitators have a broad and varied experience in the learning field. We have access to subject matter experts in a large spectrum of different skills and knowledge. Our projects span from knowledge-based course designs to complex skills-based learning.

Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc.

Business Office
11 Hares Road
Nobel, ON P0G 1G0

Toronto Office
1 Yonge St #1801,
Toronto, ON M5E 1W7, Canada

Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc. (UCI), is committed to providing advanced Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) Services. Our strategic operation provides a dynamic team approach to providing technical countermeasures to protect your corporate intelligence against Interception attempts. Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc. has a team of former Law Enforcement and Military trained TSCM technologists with over 50 years experience in the detection and prevention of technical interception attacks

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