Parisien Research Corporation (PRC) has been a privately owned Canadian Corporation since 1994. PRC started off as a software development company and moved into the defence industry as a contractor for leading Canadian, UK, and US defence companies. Our people have extensive experience in doing business with International Government Agencies providing complex solutions.

In 2011, PRC began to focus on the intelligence, Security, Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Defence sectors providing unique Consulting, Training, and even purpose built Robotic Systems. During this time PRC has developed complete training courses and curriculum for Law Enforcement and Public Safety, covering classic and advanced courses on many topics.

EWSIM Corporation was a related company to PRC, and now operates as a division within, focused on Modelling Simulation and Training (MS&T) within the defence sector since 2004. We offer Simulation Solutions to the defence and intelligence communities, with a unique solution for System Integration Labs (SILs) enabling them to optimize the integration process of multiple systems into platforms that will operate in a threat environment when deployed.

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