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    Harvey Parisien

    Mr. Parisien brings over 30 years experience across all aspects of business development and managing within the bounds of the Canadian Government Controlled Goods Registration Program (CGRP) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITARs). He has extensive experience at establishing strategic and tactical business partnering and teaming arrangements, and tailored business relationships ultimately focused on optimizing customer and shareholder value. Mr. Parisien is also the founder of EWSIM Corporation, a military modeling and simulation company (

    Patrick D.R. Crandell CD BA psc
    Colonel CF (Retd)
    Vice President, Intelligence and Security Programs

    Mr. Crandell has over 36 years experience in Intelligence and Security at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. He has extensive inter-departmental, inter-agency, and international experience. His military experience ranges from criminal investigation, to intelligence collection and collection management, to single and all source intelligence analysis, to planning and doctrine development, and to project and senior management (Deputy Director of a major Crown Project, Director Intelligence Operations and extended periods as the Acting Director General Intelligence).

    In the private sector he has worked in business and training development. In the latter capacity he designed and developed training for unmanned aerial vehicle sensor operators, and specialized intelligence/security training for law enforcement and government organizations. He also authored doctrinal studies for the CF and long term threat assessments in support of specialized engineering studies for Defence Research Canada. Within PRC, along with his intelligence and security portfolio, he functions as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and leads the company’s involvement in unmanned ground vehicles.

    David Clemis CD MBA CTDP
    Major CF (Retd)
    Vice President, Training and Development

    David has worked over 40 years, both in the military and federal public service, in the fields of security and counter intelligence. He was the first information technology officer in the Canadian Force and spent several years as a liaison and project officer with the US DoD and other agencies in developing information technology security doctrine and countermeasures. As the Deputy Commandant of the Canadian Forces School of Intelligence and Security, he established the first cadre of professional investigators and analysts in computer-related crime and security. He worked on the first multi-level security system established in National Defence. He was instrumental in the development of national-level strategies for secure networks, first as the Chief of Computing Security for Revenue Canada and then as senior technology advisor to the Department of Communications. He has spent the last five years providing both classroom and on-line learning to Commissionaires Ottawa. As an independent contractor, he has provided threat assessments and security risk analysis to federal departments and agencies. He has spent the past ten years working with the United Nations International Telecommunication Union on the development of standardized communications protocols in both electronic business exchanges as well as e-learning networks. He has a Bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in computing technologies as well as a Masters of Business Administration.

    Jean (JJ) Brun CD
    Vice President, Human Dynamics and HUMINT

    Mr. Brun is a Behavioural Specialist. He is an Interpersonal Skills Expert recognized internationally as an authority on utilizing Cultural Behavioural Insights as a business strategy to connecting with people across cultures - everyone communicates...very few connect! Mr. Brun is both a Basic Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Human Behaviour Consultant Specialist. His remarkable skills in the field of human intelligence (HUMINT) have made him a world-class expert recognized by numerous peers. Mr. Brun assists people in better understanding themselves and others by enabling them to recognize different communication and leadership styles. Mr. Brun is also the founder of JJ Communications, an established behavioural based training and development company dedicated to empowering human performance by educating people in the field of Human Behaviour.

    Barry A. Denofsky
    Vice President, Business Development and Government Relations

    Mr. Denofsky is a security and intelligence professional with 35 years combined service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). In CSIS, Mr. Denofsky was the Director General of Counter-Intelligence (CI), and the Research, Analysis, and Production Branch (RAP). AS DG RAP, in addition to the identification, production and dissemination of all source intelligence assessments for government and allied consumers, Mr. Denofsky had responsibility for the production of threat and risk assessments for government clients and the development and enhancement of national and international partnerships with a focus on intelligence sharing.

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