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Training Services

Through strategic partnerships, Parisien Research Corporation (PRC) mobilizes specialized resources needed for each unique project. Our team includes former Canadian defence, security, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals. PRC provides training services particularly aimed at the military, security, intelligence, and police sectors.

These courses are produced, based on the principles and standards set by the "Institute for Performance and Learning (IPL). Our training and development professionals are certified by the IPL and follow the life cycle of training development depicted above.

PRC offers several courses that are of interest to our target sectors. A complete listing of all our courses can be found in the downloadable Course Catalog . They are the work of PRC, its associates, and our strategic partners Bremner Associates Inc. of Toronto; Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc. of Toronto; EWSIM of Ottawa; and Imstrat Corporation of Carleton Place.

Below is a list of our courses with links to some of their descriptions. For complete information contact the Training Coordinator..

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