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Frontline Personal Defense Trauma Care The Frontline Personal Defense Trauma Care course is aimed at the frontline police officer, who often finds himself or herself working alone, with no immediate back-up. Hence, their need to be able to perform life-saving procedures calmly and under great stress, on themselves or on a buddy, is greatly intensified.

The course can be offered in either of two formats, but the better option is the two-day course. Day 1 is theory-rich, with emphasis on understanding concepts such as terminal ballistics at the human level (i.e. injury) and the nature of life-threatening wounds. Self-rescue and buddy rescue are taught as equally-weighted components. The theory is complemented by practical, hands-on sessions.

The two-day course begins with the same curriculum as the one-day course, but adds a full day of officer rescue and additional advanced medical concepts to the offering. The emphasis is on officer rescue and putting together all of the pieces that amount to the total concept of lifesaving actions for the frontline law enforcement officer.

Ideally, for one instructor, class size should be in the 12-16 student range. Above those numbers and you would definitely need to add an instructor to help facilitate the practical skills component.

The suggested curriculum is open to discussion and subject to revision.


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