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Parisien Research Corporation (PRC)has been involved in developing world-class training particularly aimed at the military, security, intelligence, police, and business sectors. The span of the types of courses covers both knowledge-based and skills-based requirements. In this section, we will feature some of the courses that we believe are germane to the current needs of our client base.

The course we spotlight is designed to provide leadership training that is especially on point for those who have to manage teams in this tough digital environment.



Are leaders born or can anyone learn to lead? While there are notable “born” leaders, the majority of leaders have learned how to lead. Using the DISC Model of Human BehaviorTM as a foundation the Leadership Development Program – Level 1 is designed to both improve the leadership capabilities of a born leader and teach the new front line supervisor/mid-level leader how to become good leader.

Length of Course: 40 hours
Class Size: minimum 4 students, maximum 16 students
Course Delivery: classroom (when permitted), on-line


  • Understanding and applying the DISC Model of Human Behavior™ both on yourself as a leader as well as those on your team.
  • Communicating effectively and building trust
    • Applying the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
    • Applying the techniques of Behavioural Symptom Analysis.
    • Reading non-verbal communication cues.
    • Applying active listening techniques.
    • Applying Detail, Logical, and Persistent (DLP) questioning techniques.
  • Presenting with style to get buy in.
  • Understanding Leadership
    • Responsibility Authority Accountability
    • Understanding the foundation of leadership
  • Understanding the characteristics that define good leaders.
  • Understanding the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader.

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